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Springing Into Action

Hello and Happy Spring!

I joined ALS United Greater Chicago to honor my friend Don Dompke, who sadly passed away from ALS. I wanted to understand the disease and what I could do to help. I volunteered for the Chicago Walk program and started to learn more about how ALS affects those diagnosed and their loved ones.

Kevin and Patti, center, with members of the ALS United Greater Chicago staff after the Chicago Walk event in 2019.

That day, my husband Kevin and I arrived wanting to help fight for those living with ALS, but we were blown away by the love and compassion that came from everyone at the event. We knew this was our new home. We truly enjoyed making this a special day for the patients and their families. We had the best
time and met so many great people.

ALS United Greater Chicago is an amazing team of loving and caring people who are very compassionate about what they do. It is an honor to be a board member and volunteer for this organization. 2024 marks
the organization’s 20th year of serving those living with ALS in our area, and we will not stop until ALS is cured.

In 2023, the Kevin Stockwell Award was created in memory of Patti’s husband Kevin. From volunteering at various events to creating ways to make event day run smoother to being the ultimate grill master and sign hanger, Kevin did it all.

As Kevin would say, the first weekend in June is Walk Day. How can we beat Kendra to Cantigny Park? To those in Chicagoland, we hope you will join us on June 1st for a special day united as a community. I look forward to 2024 to being one of our best years.

Thank you,
Patti Stockwell, Board Secretary
ALS United Greater Chicago

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