Become an ALS Advocate

As an ALS United Greater Chicago Advocate, you can help change the laws and policies that affect thousands of persons with ALS and their families.

“I’m glad I joined others in speaking about ALS. We never know what impact one word or action may have on another and the domino effect it may have to foster change.” 

Michelle Francis, an Individual Living with ALS

What is Advocacy and why is it important?

Advocate: noun
1. a person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy.

ALS United Greater Chicago is a leader in advocating for policies that would improve the lives of those living with ALS, their families and caregivers. Our strength derives from those with ALS and their family members whose involvement in advocacy has led to increased federal funding for ALS research, passage of the Medicare waiver for ALS patients, the presumptive disability ruling from the Social Security Administration, and state funding in Illinois.

How You Can Help

The fight against ALS is ongoing as there is still no cure for this debilitating disease. To continue our advocacy efforts, we require your support.

Our team of passionate advocates strive to encourage government officials at all levels to prioritize awareness and allocate more resources for those affected by ALS. By working together, we can influence real change in how our government addresses the needs of the ALS community. Even if you don't have a personal connection to a legislator, your outreach can make a difference by opening doors and creating opportunities for progress.

At ALS United Greater Chicago, our advocates continuously work to shape laws and policies that impact individuals with ALS and their families on an annual basis. If you would like to join us in this important cause, become an ALS advocate today!

If you're interested in contributing your time or money, consider donating or becoming a volunteer.

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As part of ALS United Greater Chicago, becoming an ALS advocate empowers you to contribute significantly to the battle against ALS. By advocating for policies that enhance the well-being of those afflicted with ALS and their families, you become a vital part of a community striving for change. The essence of advocacy within our organization focuses on harnessing the collective strength of individuals affected by ALS to secure increased funding for research, ensure passage of beneficial legislation, and promote awareness at all government levels. Your involvement could lead to breakthroughs in the availability of resources for ALS patients and potentially transformative policies. Whether you're directly affected by ALS or possess a keen desire to make a difference, your voice and actions can pave the way for advancements in ALS research and support services. Join us today in this critical cause; your participation is a step toward hope for countless individuals and families navigating the challenges of ALS.